EZGO Series, 36v DC, Customized for High Speed including Upgraded Parts!, (A95-4005A) A02-4012-LR3.5


A02-4012-LR3.5 Custom Designed for High Speed, flat ground applications.  Replaces AMD A02-4012, A95-4005A or BD4-4001 for 36v EZGO series.

Fully remanufactured 36v motor custom designed for 21-24 MPH.  36v EZGO Series using 18-20″ OD tires & OEM EZGO 12:1 gear ratio.  Designed for OEM factory solid state series controls (no resistors or old-style mechanical controls).  Using a solid-state control of 225A to 400A is recommended to avoid part overheat.  (DO NOT USE on tow/run switch vehicles)

THE NATURE OF A SERIES DC MOTOR/SERIES CART SYSTEM: Series cart systems are very sensitive to changes in load.  The most noticeable time you would see this is on hilly terrain.  A series cart will slow down as you start to climb a hill and will slow down even more the steeper the grade.  When you begin to go downhill, the speed will increase, even to the point of being dangerous if the terrain is steep.  The driver should use the brakes to avoid motor overspeed as the motor will not limit the speed.  Unfortunately, these reactions are the nature of a series DC motor. While we might be able to make this slightly more or less sensitive, this nature will be present no matter what custom design we provide.  Be cautious when working with a series cart.  Never operate a series motor, especially at full voltage, with little to no load (wheels up).  If you want to make sure a series motor works after servicing the vehicle, depress the throttle only about 10% to avoid damage that would not be considered a warranty claim.

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A02-4012-LR3.5 Custom Designed for High Speed

  • Fully remanufactured motor with a custom design for 36v EZGO SERIES – 21-25 MPH/use 18-20″tires/stock 12:1 gear ratio.
  • Added features USA made, non-plastic parts including a new bearing & brass brush holder.
  • Designed specifically for 36v series EZGO with OEM factory solid state series Curtis control or up to 400A solid state series controls.  Do not use with mechanical/resistor/controls/DO NOT USE on tow/run switch vehicles.
  • Motor spline is pre-lubricated with high performance grease to reduce shaft wear.  Rubber bumper is provided and preinstalled.
  • Quality Tested & Remanufactured in USA by Electrical Motor Products, Inc (Lightning Redesign)
  • EMP part number A02-4012-LR3.5
  • Replaces AMD motor part numbers A02-4012, A95-4005A or BD4-4001
  • If you have this motor and would like to modify it to go a different speed, fill out our Customer Questionnaire
  • Any questions, please call us for support at 877-455-1599 or email us at empinc@empinc.biz
  • The same type of core can be returned for up to $175 back.   There is a least payout of $25 if the motor core has a bad armature.

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