“I started climbing the hill then switched to speed, and she’d almost want to ‘chirp’ the tires. She’s a ‘sparkie’ with a lite fire.”

– Florida, lifted cart

“We went carting on the beach, the performance was great. With the old setup the cart would overheat and shut down. With the new setup it was like riding on hard ground. The power and speed in the sand was great.”

– Lousiana, 6 seat shuttle cart

“My wife just ordered this motor for me for Father’s Day!!! I can’t wait until it gets here!!!”

– California, lifted cart

“I installed the switch kit so I could flip it to speed mode and leave everyone in the dust. My ’98 Club Car will beat a stock GEM car at our camp ground.”

– New York, 6″ A-Arm lift, 22″ ITP Mudlites, 4 seats