Do I need to upgrade my controller?
Except for the most extreme cases controller upgrade is unnecessary with our Lightning Redesigns. Motors are redesigned to produce top speed and retain torque, reducing the need in most cases for controller upgrade.

What if I use my golf car in different ways, off road and on road?
What if my golf car is lifted?

We have Switchable Redesign available to allow choice between speed mode and torque mode. Torque mode is for more demanding tasks and heavier loads. In speed mode you are able to achieve top speed on pavement even with a heavier load. Switch the motor on the fly to get your cart going.

How do I hook up my new switch kit?
Directions for switch kit hook-up.

Something is wrong with my golf car. How do I know if it is the motor?
Check your motor with this motor diagnosis.

How do I know what upgrade is right for me?
Our engineer will help you decide if you fill out our motor questionnaire.

Do you know any places that could replace the motor for me?
If you would like to upgrade your electric motor and do not feel comfortable replacing it yourself there are many shops to take it to. If you are local to us we recommend Midwest Golf and Turf.