Lightning Redesign It!

Modify any PDS/DCS/Regen or Standard/Series motor for the speed you want guaranteed! This includes any Thin Shell, Thin Shell w/Guide Ring, and all other types.

OEMVoltsTypeStock MPHLightning Redesign #New MPH
Club Car48vSeries 3.112-14LR 3.018-20
Club Car48vSeries 3.112-14LR 2.016-17
Club Car48vSeries 3.112-14LR 4.217 low - 23 high
Club Car48vSeries 3.7515-17LR 3.020-22
Club Car36vSeries 2.9712-13LR 3.116-17
Club Car48vSeries 3.112-14LR 3.223
Club Car36v/48vREGEN12-14LR 3.118-20
E-Z-GO36vFleet Speed13-14LR 3.017-18
E-Z-GO36vShunt DCS13-14LR 3.018-20
E-Z-GO36vShunt PDS13-14LR 3.018-20
E-Z-GO36v2HP Series13-14LR 3.116-18
E-Z-GO36vSeries13-14LR 5.016 low - 18 high
E-Z-GO36vSeries13-14LR 5.423

Yamaha, Cushman, Hitachi, Harley Davidson, other OEMs, call us for details.
We have 100s of Lightning Redesign “recipes” not listed.
Call or Contact Us for your redesign options.

Three System Upgrade for Lightning Redesigns

  • Brush System: Most OEMs will install carbon graphite brushes. We change the brushes to a high performance brush to reduce heat within the motor and improve performance.
  • Coil System: We redesign the windings of your motor to add speed, torque or both to your motor. Your request determines our redesign.
  • Magnetic System: We alter the magnetic design of your motor. We redesign the steel parts of the motor. The motor coils wrap around the redesigned steel parts and work together to make your motor speedy, full of torque, or both, you decide.