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Motor Upgrade

Electrical motor products has hundreds of recipes for upgrade options. We offer various speed and torque options to meet your needs. Our engineer has hundreds of upgrade options calculated to specific needs. We have stocked motors that you can buy directly off our shelf or send your electric golf car motor in to save money on your upgrade. If you are looking to upgrade your golf car motor but do not know which option is best for you contact us by filling out this Customer Questionnaire.

Here are two examples of our many upgrade options and how they look. On the left is an upgraded 5BC59JBS6390 motor and on the right is an upgraded EJ8-4001A.

Motor Refurbishment

Electrical motor products also repairs motors. If your motor is not working you can bring it in or ship it to us to look at. We will evaluate and test the motor to figure out what repairs it needs and give you a quote. Then if you agree to the quote it will go through our full rebuild and repair and come out looking like a new motor. All of our rebuilt motors are torn down to the base parts, cleaned, repaired, and put back together. Finally they are tested to make sure they perform to the spec that they should.

Golf Car Motor Parts

We have a large stock of both new and used parts. If there is something you are in need of for your electric golf car motor check our Part Compatibility Table to see what part you need then check our Store to see if we have it. We have many items in stock not listed online contact us by calling 877-455-1599 or email us at empinc@empinc.biz to see if we have what you need.

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