This test uses 1 or 2 of the batteries of the battery pack, A few jumper wires and the motor mounted to the golf car axle. (Keeping the motor attached to the axle is necessary as most of today’s golf car motors only have a single bearing.)

Low Voltage Motor Check for Shunt, Separately Excited, REGEN, DCS, PDS, IQ Type Cars (no controller)

1.  Turn car off, remove key, jack up car so rear wheels are off ground.

2.  Carefully remove all cabling from motor. It’s always a good idea to mark where each cable was connected to motor.

3.  Connect a couple of jumpers on motor as shown in Fig. A. (Actual terminal locations may vary slightly.)

fig_aFig. A

4.  Bring power from one of the batteries as shown in Fig B.

5.  Make/Break connection should be at location shown in Fig B. A small spark is expected each time you open the connection, so breaking connection at location shown prevents damage to battery or motor terminals.

NOTE – Speed is expected to be low. Don’t be alarmed!

fig_bFig. B